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Stop Motion — Featured Projects (pg 1)

Better Together — Microsoft

Microsoft invited Wield to take part in their Better Together series, where two artists with different focuses, collaborate on an unexpected project. Wield was paired with a baker.

Our task was to make a Zoetrope cake.

There were some very tricky bits of designing and cake making - every element had to be in exactly the right place in order to animate correctly.

Microsoft commissioned a short documentary of the creative process that brought the Zoetrope Cake to life.

At the end of the collaboration, Wield photographed all the sections and made a short film showcasing the cakes mesmerising ability.

Bon appétit.

Worn Out

A stop motion film demonstrating and amplifying the degradation process of everyday objects.

The project was a study (and a curiosity) to see what would happen when objects were worn down and captured frame by frame. It was about trying to see the phase between new and used - a gradual wear and tear.

The film continues to be shown at a number of festivals and articled by online art & culture magazines from all around the world.

Stuntman Jimmy (& The Flaming Keyring!)

Jimmy attempts his most dangerous stunt yet - The Flaming Keyring!

Jumping through a ring of fire has always been a favourite stunt to watch, so you can imagine the excitement replicating it at this scale.

Wield never thought the stadium would fill up like it did. Tickets sold like hotcakes - reaching a record breaking 100,000+ fans!

That's not all folks!
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