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Stop Motion

Wield is well-known for specialising in the art of stop motion animation. Offering many benefits that set it apart from other techniques, stop motion encourages a tangible and tactile creative process. It requires attention to detail and an acute understanding of timing in motion.

Animation & Motion Design

Wield focuses on logic and physics within animation and motion design, applying a balance of creativity with analytical thinking. Thoroughly crafting each animation, ensuring every movement and transition serves a purpose, bringing concepts and brands to life.

Design & Web

With a strong belief in simplicity, Wield combines reasoning with aesthetics in design and web development projects. In a world overwhelmed by complexity, customers deserve effortless experiences. That’s why Wield constructs intuitive interfaces and visually captivating designs by stripping away unnecessary clutter and focusing on designs that simply make sense.


Photography plays a significant part in Wield’s artistic journey. Wield respects and implements the principles of patience, timing, and composition when working in photography - letting things happen naturally while observing and capturing quietly.

Off the Path — Explorations & Experiments

At Wield, we believe in the power of experimentation. It's through trying new things that we discover, marvel, and occasionally fail — and failure might just be the most crucial lesson of all. Here, we celebrate the spirit of giving it a go, embracing the unknown, and finding joy in the journey.