Wield - dedicated to detail

Wield - dedicated to detail

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Ryan Kothe / Auckland, NZ.
Studio: +64 9 555 8939
Mobile: +64 21 065 7008
Email: info@wield-ltd.com
Wield is an interdisciplinary design studio / workshop founded by Ryan Kothe.

The studio / workshop is equipped for a variety of projects relating to - design, animation, stop motion, film, photography, motion design, graphic design, art & creative direction and more.

In the commercial industry, Wield works closely with advertising agencies, production companies, broadcast stations, sole business owners, and others from all over the world.
In the non-commercial industry, Wield is either looking for or carrying out experimental, new and original work.

Wield is hands on. Real hands.

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Email: info@wield-ltd.com