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Ryan Kothe / Auckland, NZ.

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Email: info@wield-ltd.com


Wield is the stop-motion and animation work of myself - Ryan Kothe. The projects displayed on this site are mostly my personal productions along a with a few client driven and produced work.

I have worked in the kingdom of Graphic Design for 10+ years and don't see myself stopping for anything else unless it's space travel.

Worn Out

A short film demonstrating and amplifying the degradation process of everyday objects.

The film continues to be shown at a number of festivals and articled by online art & culture magazines from all around the world.

Stuntman Jimmy & The Flaming Keyring!

Ultra short stop-motion film - Part II of The Mini-Series.

Jimmy attempts his most dangerous jump yet - The Flaming Keyring!

Dedicated to a friend - Jimmy.


Official music video for NZ rock band - Black River Drive.

Made up of approximately 3000 individual photos and approached largely with a stop-motion technique, a very enjoyable project with the theme and idea of being stuck somewhere - whether real or abstract.

Directed by Ryan Kothe / Suddenly So.

(c) Black River Drive, 2014. www.blackriverdrive.com
www.facebook.com/ blackriverdriveband

Quicksand is the title track from the album Quicksand, due for release in late 2014.

Produced by Toby Wright at The Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN, with additional tracking and mixing by Zorran Mendonsa.

https://www.facebook.com/ ZorranSound

The Edge Tv

On air branding & identity starter pack for The Edge Tv.

A broad mix of shapes, patterns, motion & colour. The channel hosts ten different shows - all acquiring individual, unique colours, and characterstics.

Design & animation by Ryan Kothe / Suddenly So.

Produced by Bryce McNamara of Mediaworks TV for the radio station - The Edge.

Channel launch date - 27 June 2014.


Tv show titles & on air design.

Design & animation package for the new Tv show - Smash!

Launches 4th August 2014.

First Day on the Job

A short cartoon demonstrating the highly talented as they perhaps were on their first day.

The Santa Check

Santa is responsible for billions of gifts each year. He not only has to deliver presents worldwide over the course of one evening, he aslo has the challenging task of checking each item to make sure they're all safe, fun, and in good working order.

Here he is sampling a few of the gifts we send to one another.

Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt - TVC

For a short while I served as a director for Yukfoo animation studios. Here is one of several commercials I directed, animated, & photographed.


Music Channel idents.


A teaser for a short film about pimple sensitivity.

Bottlecap Swim Park

Part I of The Mini-Series.

The opening day at Bottlecap Swim Park.

Tv FOUR idents

Idents (pitches).

The Swing & The Seesaw, and Hotwire.

Billy Brown's Coupe

A short filming test - Billy takes an easy ride through his town.

Paper Plus - TVC stills

For a short while I served as a director for Yukfoo animation studios. Here are a some stills from a few commercials I directed, animated, & photographed for Paper Plus.

Includes commercial work for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Back to School, a few Annabel Langbein cooking related spots, and more.