Animation / Stop-Motion / Design

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Wield is the stop-motion, animation, motion, and design work of myself - Ryan Kothe.

Selected work.

Worn Out

Often the beginning and end of an object is remembered. However, the phase between these two marks can be neglected as it is easy to adjust to the slight change an object goes through over it's time and everyday use.

A short film / case study demonstrating and amplifying the degradation process of everyday objects.


Stuntman Jimmy & The Flaming Keyring

Part II of The Mini-Series.

Jimmy attempts his most dangerous jump yet - The Flaming Keyring!

Dedicated to a friend - Jimmy.


Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt - TVC

Directed, animated, & photographed by Ryan Kothe for Yukfoo Animation Studios.


The Santa Check

Santa is responsible for billions of gifts each year. He not only has to deliver presents worldwide over the course of one evening, he aslo has the challenging task of checking each item to make sure they're all safe, fun, and in good working order.


First Day on the Job

A short cartoon demonstrating the highly talented as they perhaps were on their first day.


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